reviews Viagra and Cialis Online in Canada

This post may contain affiliate links, and we may earn a commission when clicking on the links at no additional cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.

This post may contain affiliate links and we may earn a commission when click on the links, at no additional cost to you.

What Is is an online telehealth provider that mainly focuses on Erectile Dysfunction or ED medications. They are a Canada-based company, and this means that they cater to orders from the said region. claims to offer one of the cheapest, most accessible, and most efficient ED treatments on the market. They have a hassle-free online transacting method that removes unnecessary meetups on the client’s side.


  • Medically approved Sildenafil and Tadalafil products. mainly focuses on the generic version of Cialis and Viagra, and all their ED medicines relate to these two. They even have disclaimers on their sites regarding the people who are allowed to consume medications.
  • Online Transactions. From product viewing to checkout, all transactions on the website are done through online transactions. This means that errors are less likely to occur during the process.  
  • Amazing Site Design. has an excellent website that contains everything you need to know regarding their products. Navigation is straightforward, and you will never get lost


  • There are cheaper alternatives.
  • Phoenix is only available in Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Alberta.

Key Takeaways

There might be some disadvantages in using; however, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Yes, pricing might be a bit higher, but the quality of their product speaks for itself. Also, the target market for is Canadian clients. This means that you will get full benefits from the company if you are from the said region.

How Does Work? works as an online service for people with ED conditions. Before getting a product from them, several steps must be followed. First, you must register on their site to confirm membership and view the available plans. What comes next is an online consultation with resident physicians of the site. They will provide you with the best insights regarding that program or product you should try to get.

The review of medical treatment can go up to 24 hours. Afterward, medication will be prescribed, and you will proceed to the checkout page. There are also additional options to upgrade your plan or program to more pills. You can also choose your banking option or payment method to complete the process. The shipping fee is free for all treatments, and you can expect your parcel within two weeks. However, this waiting period can be longer depending on your current region.

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If you have any questions regarding the product or any visible side-effects, you can contact the resident doctors for help. They are ready to respond to any of your queries as well as for instructions on intake.

How Much Do the ED Drugs Cost? offers two different ED medicines, Tadalafil and Sildenafil. Dosage, number of pills, and costs differ between the two, so you need to pick one that best suits your needs. For Sildenafil (same active ingredient as in Viagra), they offer a 50 mg package containing 8 tablets for $97. This plan can be upgraded on the site if you need more pills for consumption. On the other hand, their Tadalafil treatment is priced at $71 to $190 depending on the selected plan. Don’t worry about compatibility since the resident doctors will help you with your choice.

How to Get a Viagra or Cialis Prescription Online (Licensed Canadian Doctors)

The path towards ED treatment is not smooth sailing. Sometimes, you need a companion who will guide you towards betterment. is one of those healthcare allies that can help you regain your sexual affinity and adventure. To start with their project, you need to sign up for their site. Several pieces of information need to be filled up, such as name, address,  and postal code.

Afterward, you can proceed to the healthcare consultation. You can then move forward with choosing the best ED supplement for you, as well as the number of pills you want to consume per month. No need to pressure yourself since you can always change programs if you feel like you need more pills. has very flexible and responsive customer service, and they account for your preferences.

If you are sure about your order, then you should confirm checkout. Remember that pills are automatically refilled every month and will only stop once you end your subscription. When your parcel arrives within 1-2 weeks, make sure that it works fine by trying it out. Do not hesitate to contact your assigned Phoenix doctor regarding possible side effects or physical reactions.

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Keep in mind that you are always in control of your account. You can add, modify, or remove certain programs to tailor your choices further. This means that you have complete freedom on how to manage the goods that you will receive.


Is a prescription needed for the products?
A Phoenix’s associated doctor will help you decide whether their products are fit for your condition. They will guide you with the proper medical opinions and facts to choose a program that best suits you.

Is the site secure?
Yes! All data and information on the site is encrypted and secured with the highest levels of Online Security. No other person can access your information, and we have made sure that all laws and rules are properly adhered to when you use our platform.

What locations can it be shipped to?

Currently, caters to places in Ontario, Alberta, B.C., and Nova Scotia. Other regions will be available as they expand their location shipping capabilities.

How quickly does the physician review the consultation?

All consultations should be done in one day. If no response is sent from their side, you should contact customer service immediately.

Is order signing required when receiving?

Yes, the law states that the receiver should sign every medical package. However, if you are not present during the delivery, another representative can sign it for you.

Is the ID verification required?
Yes, ID verification is necessary to determine whether you are at the right age to purchase ED meds.

Natural Alternatives

Apart from medicines and other products that telehealth services offer, there are also some over the counter alternatives used to treat ED. Here are some of them:

  • VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a nutritional supplement that tries to improve sexual performance, libido, activity, and arousal. This specific tablet is created from ginseng, ginkgo Biloba, and damiana herbs to help provide better bed movement. Packs of the product can be bought in pharmacies, and they cost from $70 to $130. Just remember that these are only supplements and not proven medicines.

  • ExtenZe
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ExtenZe is another natural food supplement that uses Yohimbe as the main ingredient to counter the ED’s effects. Yohimbe is said to contain chemicals that prevent androgenic receptors from instigating male penile dysfunction. Prices of ExtenZe in the market costs $25 per 30 tablets. This can be bought in all leading drugstores nationwide. Reviews 5-star Review – July 8, 2021

Been using this product for years and I’m happy that I met them. So far, all transactions are smooth, and I always receive everything that I order. Customer service also acts fast. Kudos to you!

Review submitted by Elmo 5-star Review – November 18, 2020

I did not know that ED solutions can be this hassle-free and easy to get. My friend recommended this site, and I did not believe him at first. Glad that I tried using the service.

Review submitted by Brent 5-star Review – April 3, 2020

I had some problems regarding tracking the order, but the customer representative quickly addressed it. Parcel arrived in less than two weeks, and they have been consistent with deliveries.

Review submitted by Vivian               5-star Review – March 2, 2020

I sometimes get delayed deliveries, but this is understandable due to my location. Still, I give 5-stars since every cargo is complete and discreetly handed.

Review submitted by Ms. Tokio 5-star Review – May 6, 2020

Great site layout. Everything can be located easily, and it was very informative. I immediately knew the steps to take.

Review submitted by Ralph 4-star Review – June 12, 2020

Problems existed in delivery mix-ups, but the proper package got sent immediately afterward.

Review submitted by Mark 4-star Review – July 14, 2020

I wonder why my location is not available. I had to send it to another address so that I could get the product. I hope that they will expand to other places as well.

Review submitted by Lloyd